Andy Morrow is a Nashville Based Songwriter and Artist.


Growing up in the city of Mobile, Alabama, Andy was surrounded by southern music. While his mother and sister always insisted on listening to country radio, his father passed on a love for bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and The Alan Parsons Project. At an early age, Andy realized he had a talent for music when he tried to learn piano and guitar. He began to further explore his fascination and creativity with music by attempting to write simple songs for fun.

His passion for music was forever changed when he was introduced to acts such as U2, Coldplay and Mutemath among others. After that, he knew he wanted to join the artists on stage and perform his own material. It sounds like fate, but honestly he wasn’t any good at sports and needed a more realistic outlet.

Andy’s talents have since grown as a multi-instrumentalist. He uses keyboards, guitars, saxophones, drums and a plethora of other instruments to create his music. As a vocalist, he possesses a wide range and unique style that sounds like it has a compelling backstory. Andy draws upon influences in alternative rock, folk rock, 80's pop, experimental rock and even country to ensure that each song maintains a distinct sound.

Fortunately, Andy moved to Nashville, Tennessee in January 2017 to pursue his dream of a career in music. To date, he has released twelve songs, including a Christmas song he prefers not to talk about, and is nearing completion of his first full length album. Be sure to follow Andy Morrow Music on social media to stay up to date with all of his musical shenanigans!